Camera takes long time to wake up to record

I have noticed that when there is no activity for a while, the camera does not record or takes 5 to 10 seconds to notify me that someone is there. Seems like it is sleeping(inactive) and takes a long time to wake up.
Changed the setting for continuous, no change in wakeup response.

Hi @Frank19501. This could be due to your devices RSSI or congestion in your wifi. Try rebooting your wifi router to see if it helps! You can reboot your router by simply unplugging it for 5 minutes, then plugging it back in. This is something that should be done weekly to get the most out of your wifi. You can also find your RSSI in the Ring app under the Device Health menu. Also, try this with wifi on and cellular data only. Let me know if this helps!

My ring cams are late recording or miss the motion event completely, then they work ok, tried all the settings, got a good rssi