Camera security for apartments

Hello Ring, I live in an apartment complex that doesn’t allow the placement of devices on the building structure. But I really want and need an outdoor security cam. Now after some digging around and some verification with my apartment management, I’ve found a solution, but your help is needed. There’s a 3rd party product currently on the market that will greatly benefit me and others in my situation. But there lies the problem, it’s 3rd party. The item I’m speaking of is the light socket 360 camera. As a ring user, I would love to having everything through the same manufacturer/ security provider. So what I’m asking is, could you create a ring version of this camera? Preferably in a black color if possible. This would solve my dilemma as well as others who are seeking a camera security and are faced with some restrictions. I would great appreciate if you would take this in consideration in creating a new ring product. Thanks!