Camera Preview not Available

I have a doorbell 3 plus and just 1 day ago it started saying camera video not available. It is connected to my wifi , rssi -48, I have tried accessing from 2 ipads and 2 different phones(both android). It will show motion detected on timeline but doesn’t show a video. I have relocated the wifi router and left unplugged for 10 mins. and rebooted and uninstalled the app from all devices and reinstalled. The doorbell is connecting to the wifi be ause it says it has been successfully connected and it tells me there is motion just no video of the motion. This all happened after
the major outage on 7/29/2023. Please help!

Hi @Rach7224. The title of your post is referencing the Camera Preview, which is shown on the dashboard of the Ring app. However you mention that you do not see any video recordings in the Ring app. An active Ring Protect plan is required for access to video recording, and you should be able to access these recordings on the Event History tab or the Event History Timeline. Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the message you’re receiving in the app when trying to view a recording?