Camera picks up traffic

Hello. Can somebody tell me what the motion zone function is if the camera notifies me of cars outside the motion zone? I do not want it on people only mode because I want to see vehicles that pull into my driveway but not every car that goes up and down the road. Am I missing something ? Thanks.

Hey @sgesualdi. Could you please provide us a screenshot of what your motion zones look like now, and what video you have that picked up a car driving past? Having these two images to compare and contrast will help us neighbors in the community get a better visual of what is happening for you. :smiley_cat:

I’ve attached a screenshot of the motion zone and the camera. Just so you know the motion zone has not changed throughout this whole time.

@sgesualdi Could you try adding in more motion zones? When neighbors are experiencing concerns with the motion detection in their current motion zone, we encourage them to break up one big motion zone into 3 smaller zones. You can make these the overall same size as the big motion zone, that way it’s still covering all of what you had previously. Please give this a try and let me know how it goes over the next couple days! :smiley_cat:

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So I broke up the motion zone into 3 zones and it still is picking up cars in the road but not me in the driveway. Don’t understand why when everything is in the cameras sight.

I’ve been having the same issue for months. I installed the floodlight cam in Febuary of 2019 to cover the driveway and garage doors. I was getting one or two fase alerts at night but I can live with that. In September or October of 2019 I started getting 20 or more false alerts at night when car headlights would shine in my driveway. After many hours calling and emailing customer service and doing what they said there has been no improvement. I wish there was a way to go back to how it worked when I first installed it.