Camera not turning back on after motion schedule

I have a stick up cam and i use motion schedule to shut off alerts from 6am to 8pm during the weekend. After 8pm the camera does not resume to normal alerts and recordings. I have to manually go into the settings for that device and turn everything on again. Has anyone else had this issue?

Hey @DustinAZ. Could you try completely deleting your motion schedule, removing the Ring app from your phone, restarting your phone, and then reinstalling the app/setting up the motion schedule again? Once re-setup, monitor the time after your motion schedule to see if the alerts come through. I recommend to purposefully try the camera to record an event to then see if you get the motion alert show up on your phone. If you do not have recordings/events still on-going when your schedule is over, please reach out to our support team here for further troubleshooting!