Camera not always picking up people

My camera seems to always pick up people walking away from my house, not toward my house. I have tried some many different settings but still the same. …. Suggestions

Hi, you don’t say what cam you have, but based on your comment I would say it’s a battery model.

It can take a few seconds from someone to approach a door, Ring/Knock and leave. Or even just post a letter. You need to get the cam to pick up motion as early as possible when people are approaching your door. This then gives the cam a fighting chance at picking up the person before they get to your door… what is happening is that the on-cam motion detection → connection to the Ring cloud via your wifi and Internet connection → the start of the video stream to the cloud and notification, is not completing until the person is leaving.

The Battery cam videos can only start once the connection to the Ring cloud is made**. The Wired only cam videos start pre-motion as they have a small internal memory buffer that is recording 24/7. This means their videos include the actual triggering motion. So they will see the person approaching the door.

** the Doorbell v3 and v4 offer a Pre-roll function that mimics the wired models pre-motion feature. They can produce a video that starts just after the motion is detected. They record to a small buffer while the connection to the Ring cloud is made.

For battery cams it’s worth dialing up their motion detection to max and seeing what gets picked up. You can then dial back to reduce unwanted motion detection (and save battery life):

  • turn off “Advanced Motion Detection”. (Cloud based motion determination feature).
  • turn off “People Only”
  • set the Three IR zones all ON - like wedges of a cake.
  • set Sensitivity to Max - you will see this pushes the IR zones out.
  • set Motion Frequency to ‘Frequent’.

This will push the IR sensors on a battery cam to max and will reduce the period between motion events to a minimum. See what your cam then picks up, but bear in mind these setting will reduce battery life.

Lastly a lot has to do with the cams outlook and the approach used by people. A Straight or Head-on approach is not good as the IR detection the battery cams use is best when movement is across the cam where at least 2 IR zones are cut through. Turning a cam slightly can offer the possibility of Zones been cut across and triggering a motion detection earlier.

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