Camera constantly glitching and sounds quality is poor

I just recently purchased a Ring camera light and the quality is very disappointing. You would think for the price of the unit they would have put a better quality camera in it. The other issue I am having is the sound quality is pathetic. The sounds cuts of and on constantly. The third thing that is a problem is the video when playing back constantly glitches. You would think for the price of this unit that it should work pefectly. What seems to be the problem with these cameras? I want to take them back for a return but now I will have to pay a restock fee. With all these dissappointments I don’t even want to sign up for any of their services if their equipment is so poor. I even purchased the chime to extend the wi fi and that doesn’t seem to help either. I had my internet provider out to my house today to check my wi fi and my wi fi is fine. Has anyone else had these problems and is there some way to fix it??? I’m starting to regret buying these ring products…

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Hey @JamesD, have you tried reaching out to our support team on this concern? Normally they can troubleshoot with you and your devices to make sure everything is in working order. Additionally, what is the RSSI of your devices? You can check this out in your Device Health. Knowing this and the devices you have will help the members in the Community help you out with your concern!

Yep same here. I have a wired wall mounted cam. Prior to that a battery one. Both had audio which breaks up all the time and the RSSI is always good (currently 45 and ‘green’).

I’ve read up online and found lots of case like this. Fed up with Ring fobbing us off with excuses of WiFi signal etc. If i can cpature video, it should capture audio!

Yep these cameras are junk. The quality for one is very poor. I have a cheap 50 dollar dash cam that has way better video and sound quality. Their programs never work correctly either. The light schedule on my cameras has never worked. I can’t even get their program to work when I’m on a desk top computer either just for simple play back. I am totally dissappointed with these cameras and I wish I would of just bought regular good cameras with a DVR. No help from ring either. Word to the wise, buy real camaeras and not these over priced junkers.

I Personally have reached out to your support, and they told me I have faulty devices or shoddy internet speeds. I know for a fact that it is not my internet speeds, which lives only one option. And then the crummy support crew told me they would have to transfer me to correct the issue, and I was transferred 7 times! I give up, I bought the system in March, and I demand a FULL refund for such shoddy products and services!