Cam Stopped Working Last Night, Works This Morning, Massive Battery Drain

Last night I noticed that my Stick Up Battery Camera stopped working. It showed online, showed 91% battery, live view would not connect. Last motion detection was around 6:30pm. I was in bed at the time so I was not about to get up and do a reset and so forth. So when I got up this morning no motion detection at all. I went to live view and it worked, motion seems to work again too. I am guessing it must have rebooted itself overnight. The only problem is it drained to 51% battery. 40% drainage! What the heck? With the solar panel issues and now this, I am really starting to regret my decision of going with the Ring products (of which I have 3 of them). Security cameras need to be reliable and these certainly are not.

Hi @jaywohlfeld, have you reached out to our support team for this concern? Addressing this with them will allow them to take a deeper look into your account so they can see what caused the battery drainage and to ensure that your device is working properly on their end as well. Please reach out to them here whenever you have a chance so that they can do this for you.