Cam Battery Door Open

Mind just did it this morning. It was very strange as I monitor the battery (dual batteries) and usually replacement them both monthly. Then all of a sudden both batteries on the app show dead (and ring battery door open error). I R&R the camera probably 20 times with no improvement. For a moment there I though someone had taken the camera, but that is about 20 feet up so definitely a low probability. I am currently on the phone with Ring, but it has been about 10 minutes so not sure if I will actually get a live person. I just want to confirm that it is actually a software issue:(

I forgot to mention that I have a dedicated 1GB Modem and an EA9500 5 feet away from the camera (currently running 662mbps-down/19up/10ping so it is not a connection issue).


Mine shuts fine, has solar panel, two batteries… But the software is reporting open door!?

I made sure it was shut and neatly duct taped both the door and the solar charger port… Still reports as open?

Has to be a loose connection in the cold, now it’s November? Even when the door is shut, reports as open in the software.

RSSI is fine, it’s a Ubiquiti mesh network, runs a network of ring cams around my small 30 townhouse HOA… So it’s not a wifi issue either.

Apparently, I have a different issue than most of you. My battery door will not stay shut. It continuously pops open, no matter how much I try to get it to close. I did finally tape it shut but it’s a pain to go through this every time I need to charge the batteries. Because of the mount I have, which extends the mount arm, I can’t use the solar power.
I really think the latch is a defective design and should be replaced.

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I am geting the same message both my cameras. Now that I see that other people are getting the same message, I don’t feel so bad. I just hope they fix it soon.

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I just noticed this same error message today. Reports I have this issue with multiple cameras. None of these battery doors have been opened in months. The camera is working, but I do notice that the battery icons in the app alternate between grey and green. Like the sensor is losing contact intermittent. I don’t know how to fix this short of getting a new camera, which is not a solution I would choose.

ok, i think the issue has been fixed for me at least. Anyone else see improvement?

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Mine is still giving erros

My error resolved, so the battey door (that is now duct-taped shut) is correctly reading the battery and door status…

However, it seems clear the OP of this thread - is having a mechanical issue with actual latch itself - which mine are OK - but I can see there being an issue with the latch design.

So - two distinct issues 1.) mechanical latch design, not staying shut in some conditions 2.) latch not properly reading shut - in the software control center / Ring app - even duct taped shut as in my case.

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