Call phone if self monitored alarm sounds

Is it possible to add the feature to have the Ring Alarm call my phone if the alarm goes off if you have a self monitored plan? My old alarm system would do that and I miss it. The phone notifications and emails are easily missed especially if the phone is in the car competing with the radio and road noise. For example, the other day the door to the garage didn’t shut all the way, but I didn’t know it since the delay was still counting down, causing the alarm to trigger. I didn’t hear it since I had driven off and closed the garage door before it sounded. It was apparently blaring for about a half hour, until i got to work. And noticed the notifications. Being in a condo in close quarters with an alarm unintentionally going off at early hours, is not a way to keep your neighbors in your good graces.

I would like to know the answer to this question too.

Great question! Receiving an automated phone call from the Ring app is not a feature for self-monitoring at this time. Of course, when being Professionally Monitored your emergency contacts will receive a call in the event your Alarm system is indicating an emergency. When self-monitored, the Ring app alerts are most important to keep an eye on. For additional alerts options, or more emphasis on an Alarm event, I recommend looking into Alexa skills and Routines, or even linked devices that might extend Ring device operation in an Alarm event.

In the meantime, this is a great feature request! Thank you for sharing this feedback with us. :slight_smile: