Bypassing chime for two video pro doorbells

Here is my question. I have one 16v 30ac transformer connected to one mechanical chime box and two doorbells. I replaced the old doorbells with Ring Pro 2 video doorbells. I installed each doorbell using the power pro v2 kit as the instructions suggested. However, both doorbells are getting an intermittent power supply and go offline after a brief period of time. I suspect the old mechanical chime box is not compatible. I would like to use the bypass mode on the power pro v2 kits. Here is my question. The chime box has 3 wires which I will need to reroute into the power pro v2 kit: front, trans and rear. Because I have two doorbells, how do I pair the 3 wires into the 4 bypass holes which are available? The instructions only show how to do this when there is only one doorbell. Will I need to pigtail the one transformer wire in the chime box and send it to the bypass port in both power pro v2 kits?

UPDATED: The video pro 2 doorbell comes with power pro v3 kit. The v3 kit does NOT have bypass ports. Contacted support. No one seemed to know this or how to connect the pro 2 doorbell directly to the transformer. They seemed to indicate that I shouldn’t use the power kit at all and just set the door bell to no chime in the app. The units were eventually returned. I had read too many posts where not using any power kit at all shorted the doorbell and fried the transformer. Wasn’t taking any chances. Until Ring develops documentation on this I would steer clear. Very disappointed in the lack of knowledge and technical support.