Bypass Do Not Disturb

There needs to be a feature to allow specific device notifications if iOS Do Not Disturb feature is enabled. Currently only critical alerts related to your alarm are able to bypass the DND feature, but I need the flood light cameras on my vehicles to send me notifications late night due to reoccurring break-ins.


I too would like push notifications even when iPhone on do not disturb at night but only for my cameras not neighborhood. Any chance this will get done soon?

Absolutely necesaary!!!

I think it is necesary too, but there is already request for this feature on a previous page - could the two be combined somewhow please?

TBH I can’t believe we need to ask for this functionality. It’s a bit of a no-brainer. Should have been implemented ages ago without being asked for.

Absolutely necessary. Doorbell ringing or Motion detection at night must Override do not disturb or allow Critical alerts on ios app. PLEASE!! We will sleep better knowing we will hear our Ring doorbell.