Business and personal account question


I have Ring doorbell and to store the recordings in cloud, I have subscribed to the Ring $30 per year plan. It is paid for by my personal credit card. I have created a Ring account for my wife (say and given her full access to doorbell. It is working out great.

Now, my wife wants to install an indoor camera at her salon overlooking the parking lot using the same account ( She wants the recordings to be stored in cloud but paid for by her business credit card since it is a business related expense. She also wants to give me full access to the camera.

Is it possible to add a $30/year plan to her Ring account ( Then add the camera to her account and then give me full access to camera? Would this in any way, disturb the current setup with doorbell?



Hi @AGupta. Yes, she can set up the Camera at her salon and it will be under a new location within the Ring App. She’ll then be able to subscribe to the Ring Protect plan for that device using her preferred payment method, and she can add you as a Shared User the same way you added her as a Shared User for the Doorbell. It will not have any affect on the Doorbell, and each will be paid for separately and can still be shared with each other. I hope that helps answer your questions! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much…!!!

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