Bulk clear of Event History

I would like the ability to bulk delete history events. If this is already possible please advise me how? Ideally I would like to delete all the events for a day or within a date/time range.


Good question @TheDirger! This is possible through the event history list in the Ring app. Once you are viewing the classic event history list, swipe right and it should display check boxes. Here you can select multiple events at once to bulk delete, or you can even select the delete all option, which will delete all events. I recommend downloading your most important videos prior. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Sounds great and just what I wanted. Unfortunately I have just cleared the history so will need to get a screen full to test it. I only have one event at the moment and the right swipe doesnt do anything… but thats not surprising… I’ll let you know. Cheers.

I have more than a screen full of events now and tried the right swipe in the event history list screen. Unfortunately it didnt work. I am running a Sony Xperia XZ3 running Android 10…

Please advise…

@TheDirger Are you trying to clear your Ring Alarm event history? Sorry if there was any confusion, but Ring Alarm event history cannot be deleted at this time, but will autodelete after 60 days. The only event history that can be deleted will be on your Doorbells/Cams.

I want to clear the motion notifications from my ring doorbell. Currently I can only delete individually which is a pain…

@TheDirger What kind of device are you using? If you have an iOS device, you can go into the Ring app and delete all motion events, as this is something I can see on my phone. If you go into the app’s main menu > then select devices > your Ring Doorbell > Event History > person running icon (Motion only) > Edit (at the top right) > then you can select multiple events or select “delete all” at the bottom right. This may be the same steps as the Android interface as well, so I hope this helps!

I am using a sony xperia xz3 running Android 10. The option you described doesnt seem to be available - only one by one deletes…

@TheDirger Thank you for this feedback! That definitely clears it up, but I will make sure to pass on this feedback and experience to the appropriate team so we can work on getting this approved for future.

Thank you so much for your help. I have been trying to figure it out since I got this Ring for Christmas. Mine didn’t actually swipe right for that . When I swiped right I got “Add a base station”. When I swiped right again I got “Add a ring bridge”. I just kept messing with it. Eventually I tried holding my finger down on the 3 dots on the right side of the event. It popped up the circles on the left side. I checked the circles and then saw the blue trash can at the top right I touched the trash can and viola they were all gone. So thanks for helping me figure it out on my own. Have a great day!

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