Bug Report: Ring pro - no support for emoji in SSID

I’ve recently upgraded my wifi setup and also changed my SSDI to something unique with one Emoji. While changing the wifi connection in my ring pro I noticed the emoji is not showing, this is not a problem I tough but I can’t get the darn thing connected to it at all. It keeps saying its my wifi router distance that is the issue (right side of the ring blinks). As a test I created a guest wifi with no emoji and even tho the reception is not better it works.

Device: RIng Pro (firmware 2.1.01005)

App: Ring for Android (v3.22.1)

I would love to see this fixed, as all my other smart devices (including cheap ones) have no issue with connecting to this wifi, only the Ring pro. The error it reports is also incorrect and not helpfull at all.

Hey @svangestel. Thank you so much for this feedback! I will make sure to pass this onto the appropriate team for you. Thanks for being a valued neighbor in the Community and feel free to let us know of any additional feature requests you may want. You can find these pinned to the top of each board for our products if you wish to put in your input! :smiley_cat: