Bug in iOS version 5.54.0

I am using iOS version 5.54.0 on an iPhone 11and I am disabling motion detection when I am doing yard work. When reenabling motion detection it brings up the edge editing feature and does not allow me to reenable the motion detection in my iPhone now. As a fallback, I have to login to the ring website reenable the motion detection on my wired security lights.

Hi @Tony617. Other members of the Community have shared this same feedback with us, so we have forwarded it onto our teams already. In the meantime, you can sign into your account on Ring.com to turn the motion detection on as a workaround. You could also try using the Motion Snooze feature while doing yard work without having to manually disable and reenable motion detection.

Our teams have now resolved this concern preventing the motion detection toggle from working in the Ring app for iOS. Check the app store on your phone and make sure to update your Ring app with the latest version available. Thank you for your patience as our teams worked to get this sorted out! :slight_smile: