Brightness of solar lights

I have 5 solar path lights in my front yard for aesthetics. When I put them on a light schedule I have no control over the brightness. They are way way too dim. I want to be able to control the brightness. Shouldn’t the user be given this choice? Why don’t I have this flexibility? Please add this.

Mine are also way too dim when using a schedule. I have them on the brightest setting, but they appear to be the opposite. If I manually change the brightness, they can get significantly brighter.

Hi neighbors! I checked with my team on this and and they let me know that with lights like the Pathlights and Steplights, these will have a lower brightness during a Light Schedule to help conserve the battery life. If these lights detect motion, they will get brighter. I hope this helps answer your questions, and please feel free to add any feedback or suggestions on the Light Schedule feature to our Feature Request board. :slight_smile:

Mine don’t get brighter during a Light Schedule when motion is detected; they do when not on schedule (they are off) & motion is detected.

Caitlyn there are many customers that are having problems with the lights not getting brighter when they detect motion. Can you elevate to a engineer level customer support?

Hi neighbors! This Community post has other neighbors experiencing a similar concern with their Solar Smart Lights. There is a marked solution as to what other neighbors are having to do for this concern.