Brightness of solar lights

I have 5 solar path lights in my front yard for aesthetics. When I put them on a light schedule I have no control over the brightness. They are way way too dim. I want to be able to control the brightness. Shouldn’t the user be given this choice? Why don’t I have this flexibility? Please add this.

Choices mean more expensive. Would you be willing to pay more?

They already are at their brightest and you wouldn’t be able to make them brighter even if you had the option.

Mine are also way too dim when using a schedule. I have them on the brightest setting, but they appear to be the opposite. If I manually change the brightness, they can get significantly brighter.

Hi neighbors! I checked with my team on this and and they let me know that with lights like the Pathlights and Steplights, these will have a lower brightness during a Light Schedule to help conserve the battery life. If these lights detect motion, they will get brighter. I hope this helps answer your questions, and please feel free to add any feedback or suggestions on the Light Schedule feature to our Feature Request board. :slight_smile: