Bright or Overexposure

Bright or Overexposure in preview or during first couple second of video. I have called and been disconnected two times. The third time was no help because the script had me perform steps that could not possibly have helped in anyway. I performed the steps knowing it would not help, just hoping to get to the only step that will help and that is replacement of the camera. First I cleared cache, then uninstalled app and reinstalled, then turned off unclugged camera and waited an hour before reinstall, moved the camera in many directions and still did not help. The brightness even happens at night the first couple seconds of the recording and in the preview. On my app, my wifes app and on the PC.

My question is will ring ever replace the camera?

Hey @Navyretired. If you are believing that your device is in need of a replacement, the only people to process that and confirm this would be our support team. I recommend reaching back out to them, letting them know that you’ve observed the camera over a few days and it is still having this concern.

Additionally, you can try cover the camera’s lenses with your hand a minute, and then uncover it to see if it adjusts the brightness for you. I’ve had to do this once and it fixed it right up for me! If that trick doesn’t do it for you, please reach back out to them via phone or chat here and they should be able to work more quicker to a resolution for you.