Brand New System - Failed Contact Sensor

I have a new system less than one week in operation. I already have the most important contact sensor in the sytem in a complete state of failure. I have replaced the batteries. I have attempted to remove the sensor from the system (using the app and the reset button behind the cover). Pressing the front button does nothing - the green light that used to be there never lights or flashes. It is dead.

I attempted to e-mail ring. That was rejected. I have twice tried to call Ring, only to be informed that my wait time would be less than five minutes, only to then be promptly disconnected.

Classic case of getting what you paid for?

Was able to get through today and the issue was escalated reasonably efficiently. A replacement sensor has been expedited. Let’s hope this was a one-off occurrence and that is not a harbingor of things to come…

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Ring is an appropriate name. Like a circus ring, ya know? Was all but promised this replacement would arrive today. Today it finally was shipped with “three-day select” service.

What do you think I will have to say when folks ask me how I like my new Ring alarm system?