BR30 Smart LED Bulb

Wondering if there are plans to develop a certified BR30 Smart LED Bulb for the Ring system that can be scheduled? While I have been able able to add a third party BR30 Smart LED bulb to the Ring system, I can onlty turn it off and on and dim the light. I would like to be able to put the light on a schedule through the Ring app. Is there a reason the feature for scheduling a third party light device is not available currently? Is there something planned?

Hi @Mark79. Our integration with third party devices to be added to the system is something we are working towards improving as often as we can! You can find the compatible list of Works With Ring devices here. Adding a device that is not listed on this compatible list may have the device still be able to be added, but with limited functionality. I will pass on your request and feedback to the appropriate teams, as we want to implement what we can from what our neighbors are using. Thank you neighbor! :slight_smile:

Currently there is a BR38 Ring Smart bulb but most standard recessed lighting is a BR30. You can find these from several Smart Bulb companies, mainly Phillips Hue. What is Rings position on making a BR30 as well so you can have a better synchronized system without multiple apps?