Boundaries of Weekly Safety Report

How can I edit the boundaries of the Weekly Safety Report? It currently looks to be my ZIP code, which my house is right on the edge of. This means that I can see activity 3 miles south but not in the block immediately north of me.

Hi @SuchCoolBrandon! When visiting the Ring app, open the menu and select “Neighbors”. This should bring you to the Neighbors app. There will be a settings cog in the upper right hand corner, which will display options such as Neighborhood Area. The Neighborhood Area option should allow you to expand this radius to cover more of your neighborhood. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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I Don’t see that solution has resolved anything. As Brandon had said the weekly safety report is based on your ZIP code and not your notification area that is adjustable.

I am also in the same situation where my address is right at the top of my zip code so the safety report goes way south in areas I don’t need to know about.

How can we set up the ring weekly safety report to use an area other than just the zip code for our address.

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I too have this problem. Hey Ring support – It would be nice to have an applicable reply, even if it is “we plan to address this in a year”.

I have the same issue living on a zip code boundary. I don’t get any reports from south of my house. Come on Ring - can’t something be done about this? It’s been two years now since this post started.