Both Ring Doorbell 2's will not show live view, All else works fine.

For the last couple weeks I can not see Live View for either of my two Ring Doorbell 2’s. All I get is black screen but used to work ok before. All other things work fine i.e. motion recordings and ring recordings.This problem happens on Andriod app, Windows 10 app.

<b><b>I have 4 Ring indoor cams that show Live View with no problems.

Hi @fslove, it sounds like, with the amount of devices that you have, that the connection needs to refresh to connect to your two outdoor Doorbells. In order to do this, you can unplug your router from its power for a few minutes and then plug it back up. Once it is back up and running, go ahead and try the Live View for your Doorbells and let me know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Tried your suggestion with no difference. It is funny because I can get a live view if I click on a noticification of motion or a doorbell ring on either 2 Ring doorbells. It only doesn’t work when I try to manually go to Live View.

@fslove Thanks for getting back to me with that information! When you have troubles viewing the Live View manually, are you connected to wifi at a workplace or using your mobile data? Sometimes there are restrictions on another wifi network that prevent the Live View from loading. If you’re using data and the Live View is not loading when you do it manually, let’s try removing and re-adding the Ring app. Make sure you remove the Ring app from your device, reboot said device (turn it off/on) and then reinstall the app. This may help as well, so please keep me posted on what happens! :smiley_cat: