Blurry around the edges

The video and live view is blurry around the edges of the picture. Good wifi signal and speed. I’ve made sure the lens is clean…anyone else have this issue? Any solution?

The first 3 seconds of a motion detection (perhaps this is the pre-roll?) of my doorbell-3 are blurred out, and this is obscuring desirable things to see. Why is this happening and can I move the clear zone? (rssi is -42 so pretty good, should be great since its line of sight through a nearby window to the pro-chime).! Screen capture of the blurry issue attached.
Screen Shot 2020-12-25 at 2.37.24 PM|690x387 !

Hi @jg167. Thanks for providing the image of what you’re seeing. This does appear to be the Pre-Roll for the Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus. Does the video quality improve after a few seconds? If it does, this is normal operation for your Doorbell. If it doesn’t improve after a few seconds, try resetting your Doorbell to see if that helps. You can reset the Doorbell by pressing and holding the setup button for 20 seconds, then releasing. After it has reset, you can reconnect it to wifi. I hope this information works for you!