Bluetooth car kit issue

i have an issue with liveview whilst connected to my car

when i look at or recieve a ring from the doorbell cam or spotlight cam the ring app causes my ph to dial itself through the bluetooth carkit… this means that i cant hear anyone at the door and if i speak they cant hear me…ring supprt said turn bluetooth off !!!

it not as easy as just turning of bluetooth as most people only have one phone… this will be connected to the car kit via bluetooth as thats how its used (legally too), someone rings my doorbell , by the time ive turned off bluetooth they have gone ! Therefore no point in having a ring doorbell…

more the point i dont see the need for bluetooth for ring to work anyway… how and where and for what reason would you need bluetooth to use the ring app? …

furthermore this wasnt a problem a few updates ago but is now … incidently on more than one phone and 2 different cars.

isnt it as simple as taking the bluetooth facility away from the ring app as there is no use for it… please fix asap

p.s please share this with the rest of your tech support as clearly it isnt at the moment.

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Hey @hotlurve! This concern sounds very similar to this Community post about Ring and bluetooth. With Ring Doorbells and Cams, being wifi enabled devices, it is possible for there to be interference between your mobile phone’s bluetooth and connecting to video in the Ring app. We recommend disabling bluetooth prior to streaming an event, for the best experience and optimal connection. I also advise against using any VPNs with our app, as they can commonly interfere with streaming. I hope this helps!

No it doesn’t help… you need Bluetooth to be on when the ph is in the car for a ph call … as he time it takes to turn Bluetooth off the caller has gone…

and it’s nothing to do with WiFi this happens in the car wherever I am

sorry to labour the point but I’ve said this time and time again… obviously I know if bluthooth is off it won’t happen but you can’t use a phone in the car without it.

i am starting to loose my patience as I seem to be constantly repeating myself

you need to fix the app so it doesn’t connect or use Bluetooth .there is no need to have the ring app use Bluetooth at all.

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Ring uses the audio to speak and hear who’s at your door. So if your audio is connected to Bluetooth, it will use it