Blue light would not shut off

Hi guys,
I am having trouble resetting the ring doorbell. The blue light will not shutoff and I did a hard reset by holding the orange button for 30secs. Has anyone had this issue before and what else can I do?

Mine too. It started yesterday. Button on the back does nothing and the only thing that has any effect is shorting the top 4 pins on the back with something metal, which turns off the light but when I release, it goes back to a solid light.

Well, just talked to tech support. They said the unit is basically frozen. They only have a 1 year warranty. So, they offered a little tiny $35 discount to buy a completely new unit. It could have been their firmware update that hosed it, but now I’m stuck with paying for a new one.

I’m going to be looking at other options now, like Nest, etc. Even crappy, off-brand electronics made in China last 10-12 years, and this Ring lasted a few years and now I have to buy a new one. But yay, $35 discount!