Black video recordings

Hello, I have a replacement stick up cam and it worked for 1 day and has not worked since.

  • connects to wifi without a problem.

  • live and recorded video is a black screen

  • I have 3 other cameras and door bells on the same wifi network and all work fine

  • the cam was originally connected to a different account (my handyman) and then reset and moved to my account.

  • I have reset the device (hold orange button for 20 seconds) and re-installed - problem still exists.

  • I have connected the cam to a different wifi network - still black recordings

  • I have removed the device from ring (as well as factory 20 second reset) - still black recordings

  • I am in Melbourne Australia - no online chat, no phone support , no email support - still black recordings.

Any ideas on how to fix this problem?

Hey @eaglehawkhotel. Thank you for taking the time to detail your concerns here and what troubleshooting you have already done! I recommend checking out our Help Center Article here, as it covers other things that you can do to fix this error. If you still cannot seem to resolve this concern, it would be best to reach out to our support team. You can contact them at [61 2 8294 9169 or 1 300 205 983](tel:61 2 8294 9169) at 8AM-8PM CEST, from Monday to Sunday. Let me know if you have any issues still contacting them!