Black video only on shared user account

I set up cams for my parents house under my account and shared it with my sister. I can see video recordings but her videos of the same recording are playing only back screens. How can I get hers to work so she sees the videos when she wants to? TIA!!

Hey @MNuser. Are you able to ask her to share a screen recording with you that shows the videos playing back as a black recording? Please also let me know what kind of phone she has, as well as the OS version it is running. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what type of phone she is using but I set up my other email address as a shared user and was having the same trouble with my IPad as well. It seems to happen on the more recent videos which later seem to work. Is there a time delay for when a shared user can view a video? If so, how much time has to pass before they can view? Thanks!

@MNuser Normally, a video should be available soon after the video was recorded. If you have a high RSSI value under the Device Health for said device, it may take longer for the video to process, as the connection is weaker. How long are they waiting before viewing a recently viewed event, or how long were you waiting from your iPad? Any older and previously recorded videos should be able to play without problem as long as there is no VPN in usage when loading the app, as well as a stable connection. If you are still seeing this for older events on your iPad under the shared user account you made, could you take screenrecording to show this black playback on a previously recorded video?

If you capture the screen recording, please compress it to a ZIP file to attach in your reply here, or please upload it elsewhere to then copy and paste the url here. In addition, a screen recording showing the video playback fine on your account, but the same video playing back as black on the shared user account, would be great to compare!

I will try. It doesn’t happen every single time on my iPad but very often. The RSSI is running off the chime pro anywhere from -58-62 and it’s plugged in just in side the door of the where the main camera is mounted. The other one sits outside the door from the router and it’s RSSI is -33 and it happens on that one as well…

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