Black Recording after Motion Alert Viewed in Real Time


I have a problem with my Ring Video Doorbell 2 where any Motion Alert i viewed in real time results in a black recording.

I have no problem seeing the video in real time and all other aspects work, i.e.:

  • Motion alerts work and record normally (if not viewed)
  • If I click on a Motion alert I can see the video stream in real time
  • Live view works and results in normal recording

However, when I go back to view the motion alert video later, I see a black video from both the App and Web Interface, and also if I share a link to the video.

Any ideas? It’s not a Wi-Fi signal strength issue as every other aspect of the doorbell works.


Hi @snowbie. We have a Help Center Article on this kind of concern here! If you can, please check it out and follow through with that to fix these black video errors you are seeing. :slight_smile: