Black and white video

I have two wired doorbells and have today changed my router. I now notice that both doorbells are only showing black and white video images. I have done a reset on the back door bell and it shows good wifi but the video is still black and white. My two security cameras are showing a colour image. Any ideas to get back the colour on the doorbells?

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Hi @DorsetDC. Can you please share an example of these black and white images you’re seeing? Also, is this occurring at night or during the day, and which model of Video Doorbell do you have? The model name will be on the Device Health page in the Ring app.

Thanks for your reply and I attach herewith images of both doorbells showing the images after replacing the router and how they previously showed the image in colour. Both are Ring Video Doorbell Wired and both firmwares are up to date.


Hi @Caitlyn_Ring. I also have had the same problem for a week now. Product name “Wired Video Doorbell”. Firmware also upto date as is DorsetDC’s . Unit new in July, so would be in warranty. It’s like the day/night sensor is playing up and it’s thinking its night-time, during the day.

I’m having the same problem for the past three days now. Only got the door bell in July. I’ve pressed the hold then orange button and reset it but it’s still the same

I´ve got the same problem for the past 4-5 days!
Reset doesn´t maded better!

yep also here, started 2 or 3 days ago. Called support and they didn’t find any problems elsewhere so replaced the doorbell, Also wired.

Hi Mine is stuck in black and white all day. The device health report says ring know of the issues with the wired version and software and that issue is now resolved. Well its obviously not. Ring is losing its good reputation by not checking the software roll outs and additional reporting fixes that again don’t work.
Someone in software dev needs a new job.

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Hey neighbors, thanks for sharing some example photos. As of 17:10 UTC on November 18th, our team was made aware of a concern where Video Doorbell Wired devices are remaining in night vision mode which is causing black and white video. There are no workarounds available at this time, but our teams are working hard to get this resolved as quickly as possible. You can check for the current status of this concern.

I have contacted support twice and was told removing my device from my Account and re-adding it would solve the issue. Is that not accurate?

Hi @Turtles94. I would recommend following the troubleshooting instructions provided by our support team when you reach out to them. The Ring Community is a public forum where we can offer general troubleshooting assistance, while our support team offers more in-depth assistance that may be different depending on the situation.

Same issue here for nearly a week tried all troubleshooting ideas!

Same issue. Tried all the suggested ideas and my Ring doorbell is still in black and white since Nov 18th.