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No one at Ring notified me when my bill did not process. I had deactivated the credit card I used because I lost it … Ring continued to bill it and reject it. Instead of notifying me via email/text/phonecall, they just deactivated my account.
Unfortunately, I corrected this after logging into my account for security reasons … but since they deactivated the account, I could NOT access the history videos.
I hope RING administration/leadership finds a way to correct this. Bad customer service because of the security issue.

It is unlikely you’ll be able to retrieve the videos that were created when your subscription wasn’t active when you let your credit card info lapse. Ring has stated that only with a paid subscription do they save videos that are made.
We are of course, only fellow users, so you’d have to call Ring Support as they only have access to your account info.
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RManahan -

I’m sorry to hear about your experiences. It’s possible your problems may have been avoided if Ring implemented billing-related policies/procedures that were more consumer-friendly.

I’m curious. Did you, by any chance EVER change your email address in your Ring account – even if it was quite a while ago?

Have you seen the OP in the “Subscription Renewal Policies/Procedures” thread on the Feature Request board on this website? If you agree with the sentiments in the post, you may want to “vote” for it. After all, it would be a shame if other customers experience the same problem that you have.