Billing Issues

With all these advancement ring has created they have FAILED to notify with a simple text message about payment denied. All emails recd. are in my spam folder which RIng needs to notify YAHOO etc of the specific emails advising them not to put in SPAM folder. How about a text message stating URGENT login to your account. And a message opens up payment denied. So customers can update and me less upset at this supidity of Ring management. No one from Chat or over the phone will give email to file my concerns, just fowarded to this unmonitered forum. I have lost all my videos as they were all deleted due to security reason, this is BS. Those videos should be able to be recovered within a month of cancellation after payment is made.

Hi @user22797. I’m sorry to hear about what happened, as losing access to the videos you had from your Ring Protect plan is definitely a frustrating experience. While there is no option to receive notices regarding your payment via text message, you should be able to adjust the spam filters on your email inbox to prevent Ring emails from being routed to your spam folder. That way you are able to see them in a timely manner and can update any information as needed. For privacy reasons, videos are not recoverable once they are deleted for any reason.