BIG problem accessing an old account

Hello everybody,
I faced with an extremely bad situation trying to access my old Ring account. I did not use it for some time and already got new phone and Chrome on my desktop was updated too a lot of times. So instead the ver. code I get emails with instructions “how to” but I do not have an “old device”. I tried Chat without any help from their side. They told me I have to call tech support. Russian support number is out of order or wrong so I had to call USA. Spent a little less than a price of a new device for a call but lost the connection!!! You may think I am an ■■■■■… maybe so but what can I do in the current situation? There is no email address and chat can’t help me.
This message is posted from my very first account I created when I got Ring #1 from startup of the company. Now it seems that I lost my other account, lost the Ring#2 and lost money for support call. Calling them again… I’d better order a new device for the price spent :frowning: (
How can it be that after all I can’t resolve such an easy problem and lose “everything”???

Problem solved!
After about 30 min I got call back from the support team :slight_smile: Thx

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