Big brother mode

The system is overly intrusive-feels like being on big brother: doesn’t have functionality to turn off the internal cameras whilst on home setting. This means it ends up recording private conversations of different family members.

Would like to know if there’s a way of temporarily disabling them whilst at home other than doing the rounds and unplugging/removing batteries?

I think motion detection can be toggled off one by one each time and then back on, but would be great if the “Home” setting automatically turns them all off and the “Fully Armed/Out” setting turn it all back full on.

Yes, if you don’t want any device to potentially monitor you then unplug them. Be aware some electronic devices can run on batteries (like your phone) so if you are that concerned then you’ll want to remove the batteries as well.

Maybe a better option would have been not to have indoor cameras if you were at all concerned about them.

Good luck!

Yeah - though I like the idea of being able to see in when we’re out (ie capture pics and movements of a burglar) but don’t need that inner shell of security to operate when we’re home…

Hello @Dulcamara. Have you seen the Privacy Kit for the Indoor Cam? This is very easy way to add a layer of privacy to your home when it is needed. Have a look at it here. I hope this is helpful!

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If you set every cameras mode setting to have LiveView and motion detection turned off when your in home mode (and/or disarmed) then anyone interested will need to actively go into the app and choose live view to have a recording saved.

And even then the camera will light up and give you a heads up if anyone does so.

This setup is secure enough for me at least.

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I removed all cameras from inside my house because of the inability to hard disable them when the system is not armed.

I move a couple of outdoor stickup cams into the house when I go on vacation, and position them to see things I want to check on (a view of the kitchen sink and kitchen door, a view of the laundry area and upstairs hall) so I can see any floods (I’m paranoid) as well as anyone walking around.

I turned live view mode off for home mode and on for away mode. I had canary cameras and you had home, away and night modes. It automatically switched home or away from your gps and you could set night mode by hours. So live view could kick in at midnight to 6am and then be private all day. The cameras are great, but I felt the canary app and format was way better. It seems ring don’t take on customer suggestions too much.

Set up your ring app so that those cameras only come on during Away mode. And then set your mood to away when you go out and back to home when you are home.