Better Ring Alarm setup

I just set up my Ring Alarm, and I was suprised by how horrible the setup experience was. Can we make this better? I ordered the 14 sensor kit from Ring’s website and I ordered 6 window/door sensor pack from elsewhere (home improvement store), because I didn’t see it on Ring’s website, and it saved me $20. Really? It was Ring packaging, and then don’t sell a sensor bundle pack? Anyway, I was shipped a 5 sensor base alarm kit, and the other individual sensors for my kit of 14. The initial setup was okay, with how the 5 sensors with the kit were all included in a menu already, but why do I have to go through the mounting instructions for each sensor, when I’ve clearly seen it done several other times? Anyway, so I have to click through 6 pages, or so, per sensor, for installation, even though I have already installed it by then, after I scanned a sensor with my camera. That was horrible enough, but when I went to install the sensors not included in the 5 piece kit, I found that I had to go to the menu button, and then to “Set Up a Device,” and then select what type of device, in this case “Security Devices.” Then I had to select “Sensors,” and what kind of sensors, etc. etc. etc. This was for each sensor that I had. I think there were 10 more window/door sensors after the first kit. I almost wanted to throw this away after having to go through this web of menus for each sensor, and then each was followed by the 6 pages of installation instructions, just to make it more horrible. How about a link to the instructions, if you need help on installing it, rather than forcing me to hit next 6 times. Also, how about let me go to “Add sensors,” and when one is done, give me the option “Do you have more sensors to install?” Don’t make this so complicated. I only did one floor, with a basic sized house. Imagine an extra large house, doing windows on multi-stories. It would have taken forever! Another possibility, when you are setting up the whole alarm, give me the option to scan in all of my sensors right then and there, to make it like the 5-piece kit, where I can just go down the list and install them all before I hit “complete.”

I suggested screenshots whenever there is a motion alert the same as blink camera system does.