Belkin router

After a lot of time on the phone with Ring I found my older model Belkin Router does not reliably allow my battery spot light camera to show video. I got a chime courtesy of ring and all works well now. The router showed strong signal strength and worked with computers and phones, but could not reliably connect to the ring.

Hi there, @billkott! Glad to hear that you were able to find a solution with our support team. The Chime Pro can certainly help to extend wifi signal, as well as give your Ring devices a dedicated access point to remain connected to.

As you mentioned having an older router, this can certainly be a factor in not only signal strength, but proper communication of things like video or audio streams. Many devices connected to a network is common, especially as the average number of devices per household increases every couple years. This is normally accounted for in newer routers, but potentially not in older router models.

We’ve seen neighbors mention changing router settings, such as firewall options, can help with router performance with streaming devices. Feel free to also check out our ports and protocols help center article if this concern occurs again. Thank you for sharing your experience with the Community! :slight_smile: