Battery will not charge beyond 37%

I purchased the Ring 2 from Costco just over 6 months ago. Install was fine, charged battery overnight before install. Battery life showed 99%. I recently noticed I was down to 16%, and removed and charged the battery as per instructions. After 8 hrs on the charger, I can not get the battery to read more than 37%. Is this a known issue, as it appears I will need a new battery shortly. Thank you for any help/suggestions.


I purchased my Ring2 from Best Buy, and their Geek Squad installed. To my knowledge, the battery was not charged prior to install. Within 8 hours, the battery showed 17%. The Geek Squad recommended to always have a back-up battery, which I purchased for abt $29…after fully charging the orinal battery…and replacing back into the device…all is fine. As was told to me, Live View will drain the battery very quickly and there have been cases where the hardwiring may not b getting enough amp to recharge. I have noticed that on a few of our freezing cold days, the recharging is slower. Hope this helps.


My battery is draining slowly and is not being recharged by the hard wire obviously. I get about 3 to 4 notices per day and dont watch live view very often so the battery should be charging. I know you made a firmware change in early January and that is when all this is happening. I am very near to contacting one of the BEST class action Lawyers in Canada to open a case against RING for all this disruption, issues and lack of action by RING. There is no excuse for this garbage. WHAT IS THE POINT OF THE HARDWIRE??? It does not ring the bell, does not charge the battery and just sits there humming a happy tune I guess. Come on RING get your act together, be honest and tell us what is going on and when you are going to fix this before the lawyers get involved. I do not want to have to take my battery out and have no doorbell whatsoever while it charges.