Battery & Wifi Problems

My Ring Video Door Bell 2 was installed within the last few dates.
Initially I started receiving the message that the battery was at 0% even though I had charged the battery before it was installed.
Even though it’s now showing that the battery is charged, the wifi connected for less than a day but will no longer connect.
I’ve tried everything suggested and have been made to understand that it’s a problem with the battery and I therefore need a replacement battery.
Can you please tell me how I can get a replacement battery? I’m UK based
with thanks

Contact Support ( Contact Us – Ring Help) for any troubleshooting and replacement options you might have.

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Thank you. I’ve tried, but not been able to get through to speak to anyone

Wait times are long and you’ll just have to.
If you want to purchase a battery outright you can of course through the Ring site or various resellers.

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