Battery Spotlight Cam Linked Devices - Lights Switching Off

Hi Folks

I have 4 Battery Spotlight Cams and via the linked devices functionality I have set it to turn on lights when motion is detected. Attached pic of set up

Recently I have noticed that when the linked devices are triggered by motion on one device. When I move into the motion range of another Battery Spotlight Cam that has its lights triggered by another linked device. The device spotlight will switch off but will record in black and white (as you can see the red infra reds lights).

This is happening on all my Battery Spotlight Cam Linked Devices. So if I move to be detected by another device the spotlight will switch off.

I have two ring sites and the functionality happens at both. Has there been an update in firmware that has made this happen. This must be a defect / error as you would expect spotlights to be triggered to support the recording



Anyone else experiencing this with linked battery spotlight cams.

Using linked devices to turn on the spotlight on the devices and then moving into the motion detection range and spotlight turning off