Battery Replacement

I purchased a ring doorbell version 2 and was sold a spare battery to swap when the original became discharged to save the three hour wait for battery recharging.
I now find the battery in the unit is not changeable and I should have been sold a ring doorbell 2 not a ring doorbell version 2
I am not happy and feel Ring should make the distinction between the two more obvious
Rod Booth (dissatisfied customer)

Hi @R44. Correct. The Ring Video Doorbell 2nd Gen has an internal battery and the Ring Doorbell 2 uses the Quick Release Battery. It is important to note, that the Ring Doorbell 2 is no longer sold and the Ring Doorbell 3 is now available. You can learn more about our current Doorbell models here.

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Hi Tom,

This doorbell was purchased from Bunnings Perth several weeks ago I thought I was purchasing an Ring version 2 with a removable battery and purchased the spare battery at the same time.
I now have a useless battery having purchased an I correct product which you state is no longer sold?


Rod Booth

Hi @R44. Although the Ring Doorbell 2 is no longer sold, the Quick Release Battery is still used. It is used in multiple Cameras as well as the Ring Doorbell 3 or Ring Doorbell 4. My best advice would be to contact the store you bought it from and see what options they have available for you.

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