Battery Powered Floodlight - Motion Sensor Orientation

I have installed a battery powered floodlight above my garage and have added it to my lighting group that contains Pathway lighting and an A19 bulb (porch light).
What is the proper orientation of the motion sensor on the floodlight? I have had it pointed downwards and it doesn’t detect motion until you’re right in front of it. I have made it parallel to the ground and it does not detect motion at all. I’ve changed sensitivity up/down to no avail.
My desired outcome is to detect motion entering my driveway all the way to the garage door. I have looked all over and can only find info in cams, not lighting. Please advise.

Good question, @BD-61! This can vary depending on mounting angle and height of the Floodlight, but angling it slightly downwards will help. It may take some trial and error depending on height, which you can test it out easily with the Ring app, along with adjusting settings for fine tuning.

Here is our installation video, which gives a good visual example for this at 1:35

I hope this helps! :slight_smile: