Battery Light Off After Firmware Update

I have a 1st generation keypad. It is plugged in all the time. Previously the green battery light was on solid green all the time. The other day there was a firmware update to the keypad. Now the green battery light is off. Only the blue “disarmed” light is on while disarmed, and the blue disarmed light now blinks once in a while. What has changed ? Did the firmware update change something ?

I’m experiencing exactly the same thing, disarm light flickering and all. Glad to know I’m not the only one.

I think you’re right. Something has changed with the firmware update.

Hi neighbors, there was a recent firmware update that addressed neighbor-requested features. When your Keypad is fully charged, the battery icon LED will now turn off. In addition, when using a Keypad that is plugged in, the mode LED will blink once a minute to remind you of your alarm’s current mode.

Keypad lights are essential to monitor alarm status, please rollback.

I would think that blinking the mode led is redundant, as the corresponding mode LED is lit when the alarm is in that mode (IE: Home and Armed led is lit when in that mode, Disarmed LED is lit when disarmed, etc…). If you forget what mode you’re in, just look at the keypad. I doubt blinking the mode LED provides any benefit, and is actually more of a distraction.

Perhaps adding this as a selectable option from within the app would be a better implementation, as clearly some people would like this feature, and others do not want it.

This also applies to the status lights. While I don’t necessarily miss them, it appears others do use them as indications, and it would be better if turning them off could be a selectable option within the app.