Battery draining fast

Purchased my Ring Doorbell on 30th November. Since then I have had to charge the battery about a dozen times. The last time was on Sunday 19th and today is Thursday 23rd and I only have 6% battery remaining. It is located (and the motion settings are set) so that only someone within 3 feet of my front door alerts the device. We only get three or four alerts a day and I delete them fairly soon after viewing. My RSSI is -51 and I am a bit puzzled (and disappointed) as to why I am having to charge it so frequently.

Hey @Colin56, it seems like your battery for your device is indeed draining fast! There may be a couple quick fixes you need to perform, which you can learn more about doing so in our Community post here. If you still find yourself charging the battery frequently after making any adjustments, or you’ve already done what’s recommended in our post, I would recommend reaching out to our support team. You can contact them anytime here for more in-depth troubleshooting to help get your device back working properly so you can rest easy! :smiley_cat: