Battery Door Open Error Message

I just got the camera, set it up and since then the error has been popping up.
It’s definitely closed, it’s absolutely closed properly.

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Yep, same error. Brand new cam, firmware updated automatically , but nothing seems to fix it.

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Same error for me…tried everything on the thread multiple times.

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Same error. Brand new camera. Started happening as soon as it was installed.

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Unfortunately based on what I’ve read all over reddit and of course here, it’s been an issue that has been ignored and as of recent has annoyed me enough to create an account to let fellow ring members know that this “bug” will probably not be address on this specific spotlight version. so if you don’t mind clicking on the x button every time when you open the app and if you don’t mind charging every week because you didn’t buy a solar panel on yours “I didn’t” so draining battery is a chore. then keep the spotlight camera as I unfortunately have. if not return it get a better one and save the headache of wondering if there is a solution or keep getting the copying and pasting of the same “fix” that everyone has tried at least once.
-Sincerely your annoyed neighbor.

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Couldn’t agree more with the above. This has happened twice now on my Spotlight camera and both times I had to reboot and reconnect to WIFI to fix the issue. So basically that means every time I have to recharge my battery, I have to also reset my WIFI settings for Ring and go through a 10-15 minute firmware update, which is less than ideal.

Same issue, purchased brand new and getting the error even though the battery door is closed. The error pops up when I click the settings icon while on the Dashboard on the ring app. The camera seems to be working fine, it senses motion and the light turns on, etc. It just keeps showing me this alert/error message which is a bit annoying. Please fix with an update or something.

Just to clarify. Did you all screw on the “protective screw” on the back after clicking on the camera to it’s base? I didn’t, maybe that could be a cause for the error??

I had this issue and found that when I removed the safety screw out of the back of the camera and pushed the sliding mounting plate right up and reinserted the safety screw, the battery warning signal had gone and had no issues whatsoever since. It really was as simple as that.
Hope this helps as I see so many comments and no other solutions mentioned.

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Hi all, just setup a brand new Spotlight cam and have encountered the Battery Door is open issue. Is there any update on if we can rectify this ourselves, or do we have to call CS to try and get a new one sent out?

Installed a new spotlight camera with solar panel and was getting the “battery door is open” error code. I tried resetting and reinstalling the camera two times. Still had the same error. I followed the customer support links in the app to technical support and gave them a call. After granting access to my camera they verified it had an issue and are sending me a replacement camera. Sucks there was an issue but the replacement process was easy.

I am so bothered by this. I have never had this issue as this is the 12th ring camera I am adding to my network. For years I have sang Rings praises but this camera issue is one that deserves correction. Keeps saying the battery door is open. Like everyone here I have tried many steps to resolve this issue. I used canned air, tried to ensure there was no debris, handled the camera with care, closed it numerous times carefully while listening for the click indicating it is shut. I have made sure the door was flush when set, no gaps in the compartment and have removed and replaced the camera 3 times on the app. My latest move was asking Ring to send a replacement. They did and after installing, GET THIS, the replacement camera as soon as I added the camera same message. RING WHAT GIVES?

This is so frustrating! I’ve just installed one for my mum and got this message - went through everything and ring sent our a new camera. Just installed the new camera and have exactly the same door open error message, what is going on?!

I too have this problem, had a replacement camera sent out and I have exactly the same issue with the second one. Now waiting on the third one to try.
Have spent a couple of hours in total on to CS, this seems a issue for many.
Also the solar panel keeps switching from to connected to not connected all the time, not overjoyed with my purchase!

Hey neighbors. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It seems like a lot of you are having this concern all of the sudden. For this reason, I’ve shared this information with our team for further investigation.

Try switching the slot your battery is in and then closing the battery hatch to see if that will cause the error to resolve. Rest assured, our team is looking in this for you.

If you have any questions in the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

I will also be marking this post as a solution. I understand this is an ongoing concern, but this is just to let other neighbors experiencing this, know that we are looking into it. Once this issue is resolved, myself or another Ring Community Moderator will update this thread. Thank you for your patience.

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Same issue here. Camera is new and I’m not happy. I just sent back my ARLO cameras because of software problems. It looks like this battery door issue has existed for some time??? I have tried ALL the posted solutions.

Just purchased a few sets of ring cameras. Brand new, installed as directed and have the battery hatch closed both cameras are reading as they are open. And have security screws installed. I have 2 batteries in each camera. I just spent a lot of money on a few sets of cameras and now I’m seeing this issue and no body has an answer. Not sure if I’m going to keep the cameras as it’s going to be very annoying to see this and with the money spent I’m not chancing it stops working because of some hatch issue and than me be responsible for it.

Same issue as everyone else. New camera, same error message. It doesn’t matter which battery side I’m using. I’m surprised that the issue is this widespread and not fixed yet. There’s no way I’m spending time calling customer support when it’s a known issue. I’ll just return mine.

Same here. Thought I was doing something wrong but happy I found this thread. C’mon Ring. You should be all over this.

So, thought I was done installing my spotlight cams yesterday when I realized, per the instructions, if installing on a wall, insert the mounting plate with the ball socket pointing down. Once I switched the mounting plate on the cam, I began to get this error on both of my cams. Prior to this, my cams were functioning properly. The battery door open error message reads that if not corrected, cam will not function properly. Well, my cam is not functioning properly. The motion sensor is not working, therefore, not recording. I have to “live view.” I got frustrated yesterday and quit trying to fix it. When I get home today, I will reverse it back, improperly, and check to see if that fixes the problem.

***Switched mounting plate back, deleted device from phone and set it up again…still same battery door error on both cameras I bought together as a set.

Getting the same error with battery door open also. Slammed the door shut a few times and heard the click each time. Also tried pulling the door open without pressing the button and it’s secure. Functionality seems to be working ok but annoying issue all the same.