Battery dies overnight

We have two battery powered ring cameras, one in the front of the house, which seems to work fine and one in the back, which works fine for a day and overnight the battery is completely drained. Same settings on both cameras and same distance to the WiFi. Weather is above 40 at the moment. Why would this happen as we bought the cameras 16 days ago! This happend on day 1! Thanks.

This is odd to hear @Ved! As you stated, temperature is likely normal and wifi is sufficient, which only leaves frequent events as a possible battery drainer. With this being a first time setup, often times our devices do not come fully charged out of the box. In addition, the first setup can certain drain battery as it entails first time connections, configurations, and updates.

Try charging your battery to 100% again, and also check on the number of events occurring daily. Then monitor over time and see if battery life improves. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: