Battery charging problems

I have a ring spotlight cam, battery powered. Problem is with the batteries, not the unit. The charging cable that came with it never did work- wouldn’t ever charge, or even light up the battery indicator lights, so I have always used another cable to charge the batteries with no issues, until now. The battery’s indicator lights say they are charged, but when I put them in the camera, the camera indicates they are both dead…I do not have another camera to test if it’s the camera or just the battery units. My batteries are only about 6-months old. Anyone else ever have this kind of battery problem?

Do you wait several hours or even better, over night before you check what the battery % is after you insert them back into your camera? The % is not a live view so it can take time to update.
Battery life is varied depending on environment and operating temperatures but most last 3 - 5 years.
If the battery still isn’t working then reach out to Support ( as they’d have access to your account info to tell you what replacement options you may have.