Batteries expected Life span

We have been using the Ring 2 for two years. Upon full charge it lasted better than 30 days as sole source of power when new. Now its hardly 10 days. Is this typical performance when the battery pack is the sole source of power?
Thanks in Advance

Hey @Sonicscrudvr. Depending on the amount of activity the Doorbell gets can determine how long the battery lasts, as well as the climate it is in. You can learn more about how to help with battery discharge here. I’ve found that with about 10 events a day on my mom’s Doorbell 2, that she is charging her battery every 2 months and that is normal in that situation. I recommend ensuring you do not see more than 10 events a day (Live View, motion, dings, Linked Device events) on your device, and if you find there is excessive motion, to adjust your settings to ensure that is not the cause of the rapid drain.