Basic Camera

I personally want to say the ring doorbell is probably one of the only things I can speak highly about as it does fully capture audio and video pretty decently and clearly. The doorbell saved my brothers life when a close friend and him were at his home and his friend answered the door with a firearm and accidently shot himself in the head.

The Police were about to arrest my brother for ■■■■■■, but what truly saved him was the ring doorbell camera. Now that being said jump to roughly 3 years later and now in front of my home I get these auto burglary suspects who love to park across from my home and dump items they do not want.

The biggest issue I have with ring right now is the picture quality is not there for the money. I located 5mpx cameras that ring should offer even if it was at a higher price. I’d pay for the quality and services, but sadly the flood light camera is only good for a basic drive way, but not good for zooming in on license plates or suspects.

My other huge frustration with ring is that the forum portion when you want to post about an incident in your immediate location they won’t allow you to describe the suspects race! Like really common now, the ring picked up the racial identity of both suspects and clothing, but ring is very bias and legit deleted 4 posts that I attempted to post. Yet in the video you can clearly see the suspects in color.

Even my local Police Department out right stated that I should’ve been allowed to post the racial identity along with the description of clothing worn as they were burglars, 110% fact as the Police were in route to attempt to apprehend them. Me going on the site to inform my neighbors in the area of the non stop vehicle burglaries and home burglaries was deleted until I did not post the race of the suspects.

Ring is definitely careless with this portion as facts versus possible race is different and not discriminative nor assuming. Personally I will be dropping rings services until they decide to get better cameras, but will be keeping the doorbell cam as this is still decent quality.