Base Station Power

I just got the ring alarm kit and have some suggestions about power supplies that I was wondering what others thought.

  1. Make the base station a little larger and use a standard AC cord, preferably with a flat plug that fit’s behind furniture. I don’t know why every device seems to use an AC/DC power block that is easy to knock out of an outlets.

  2. POE to power the base station, this would allow running a single cable in the wall to eliminate the wifi and power cord.

  3. Make a DC voltage converter to allow replacing a hard-wired doorbell with a ring base station using the same low voltage wiring. Doorbells are often located centrally in the house so it’s a good place for the base station. Plus, since the ring doorbells say you need to bypass the chime when using them with a hardwired system it’s the perfect way to solve all the issues of powering the system.

Any product suggestions need to go here ( Latest Products/Feature Request Board topics - Ring Community). If it receives enough votes then Ring Devs might take action.

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Regarding point #3, I’m wondering if a DC-DC buck converter will work? The output of the ring base station power supply is 5v, 2.5A. (I haven’t measured the voltage leading to the wired doorbell or wired siren).