Base Station Not Received for a Month Because of "Global Shortage"

I ordered about $600 worth of equipment the first week of September and have yet to receive the base station. The alarm isn’t much good without it. I have contacted Ring several times and they keep saying:

“The Base Station is currently out of stock. There is a global shortage that has caused many items to go out of stock. I am reaching out to our warehouse team to see if we can get a date on when it will be back in stock. Thank you again for your patience!”

I am not sure how this is possible if they are still selling the base stations on their website. Maybe they are taking orders for things that don’t exist? Seems like false advertising if they aren’t honest with people that there is a delay. Anyone having a similar situation of no base station, or am I just getting the run around from Ring? Similarly, is this an indicator of the kind of service Ring provides for alarm monitoring? What’s your experience?

Thanks for anyone’s feedback.

In the past few months, when I’ve placed orders, I’ve noticed the items having delayed shipping dates. Anywhere from 4 - 6 weeks in some cases.
I don’t believe they are trying to be deceitful with their website. It’s just with the supply chain difficulties that many companies have been having for the past 1 1/2 years it’s hard to say with certainty when something will arrive to their warehouses from overseas.
In one case I had an order that said it’d be 6 weeks before it arrived, and it arrived in a week. Another time the multi-week estimate was spot on.

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Update. I got the base station last week and everything is working as expected.

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